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Project Knowledge

The Academic Mentoring Program for High Schoolers

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About Project Knowledge


What is Project Knowledge?

Project Knowledge is a grant funded mentoring research program designed to prepare high school students from marginalized groups for college.
High school students meet weekly with their mentors who are Virginia State University undergraduate students for the entire school year.
The weekly meetings are designed to deliver valuable academic and real-life skills to help students succeed!

Why should you join Project Knowledge?

Project Knowledge links high school students with undergraduate mentors who will be there for them whenever they need them whether it be help with school, or just someone to talk to about what's going on in their life.
If you are a student at Petersburg High School, signing up for this program will help you gain valuable life skills, learn positive coping mechanisms, focus on STEM areas in school, practice self-care and much more!


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Our Mission

"Our goal is to make every student AWARE of their potential"


Petersburg High School


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